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About CAM Talent

CAM Talent was founded in 1985 with the philosophy to market the region’s most qualified talent in the best professional manner possible and also to search out talent & continue to educate them for this industry and qualify their skills to clients. Continuing that philosophy, we continue our marketing abilities through the most current industry standards.

CAM offers a straight forward approach to impeccable service and unmatched diversity within its talent. Working this philosophy has developed a widespread representation of success. Through referrals and repeat business, CAM has continued to widen its talent and client base.

CAM views its marketing region as a full service area; meaning, we often compete with Chicago and/or New York talent. Clients enjoy giving equal opportunities to local talent. This raises the bar on the talent to continue their knowledge of the industry and continue their education as a professional.

Our clients view CAM as “The Regional Professional Agency” for talent and delivery of services.

Mention of a few clients include:

G.E., VISA, Haggar Slacks, Charmin, Bounty, Nationwide Insurance, Zest, Folgers, Frisch’s, Sears, Wendy’s, Ohio Lottery, Hoosier Lottery, West Virginia Lottery, Kentucky Lottery, Giant Eagle, Bob Evans, LaRosa, Donatos, COSI, White Castle, Safe Auto, AAA Ohio, Skyline Chili.

Feature films include, but not limited to:

Traffic, Shelter, Smart People, Love and Other Drugs, Unstoppable, Shawshank Redemption, Simpatico, Little Man Tate, Milk Money, Rainman, Blue Car.

Management & Staff

  • Carol A. Mosic, President & Director

    Carol views CAM Talent’s staff as energetic, warm, friendly and knowledgeable. Our over 40 years of experience provides talent with helpful information to deliver a timely & efficient performance. Their honest commitment to detail provides clients with the follow-through necessary to a professional relationship.

  • Christopher Butts, CAM Talent

    Christopher Butts, Corporate Finance

    Graduate of Ohio University majoring in Management Information Systems has been with CAM Talent since 1993. Chris is an avid bowler and enjoys music, particularly drum corps and marching bands.

  • Cindi Buell, CAM Talent

    Cindi Buell, Associate Director

    Graduate of Ohio State University majoring in Communications, Cindi has been with CAM Talent since 1988. Married and mother of two, Cindi enjoys sharing their active lives.